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How God Changes Us

The following is an excerpt from an article by Jackie Knapp entitled How God Changes Us While We ‘Change’ the World. You can read the entire article on The Gospel Coalition’s website here. “If we enter service expecting to be changed first, we will be much better equipped for the journey. If we are prepared to… Read more »

A Camp in the Clouds

Missionary kid. Those two words probably don’t induce an image of a child passionately following their parent’s spiritual footsteps. The stereotypical wayward path of the MK is being broken by a family of missionaries high in the Tilarán Mountain Range of Costa Rica at La Montaña Christian Camp where children play sports, hear the Gospel… Read more »

My Summer in Ukraine

  Summer 2010 was by far the best summer of my life. I did not spend it, however, on the sandy shores at the Gulf, or lounging by the pool with my best friends. Instead, I was in the Ukrainian countryside, at my new favorite place in the world, Camp Friendship. For several years now,… Read more »

The Unifying Agent: Missions

“If you happen to get around to it please go to the Nations.” “If you could squeeze a few extra dollars out of your budget for missions, I would appreciate that.” “I would really appreciate you starting a church and for the first 100 or so years of existence don’t bother getting involved in missions.”… Read more »

The Cost of Missions in Youth Ministry

Should there be a cost for missions in youth ministry?  As I have done camp over the past seven years, I have seen the difficulty in teaching the importance of missions to students, the difficulty in getting a church leadership to get on board in sending students, and sadly for some youth ministers, I have seen the attitude… Read more »

How Ukraine Changed My Students

I think it’s imperative youth ministries take students overseas on missions. It may seem difficult and there are many hurdles to overcome. But it’s worth it and it will completely change the culture of your student ministry – for the good. I’ve taken groups to Ukraine through Servant Life, Student Life’s mission sending initiative, for… Read more »

How Different Can Mexico Be?

“How different can Mexico really be,” I asked myself just before leaving the church parking lot for my first youth group international trip. In my high school, America-centric mind Mexico was almost an extension of Texas. As I sat in a 12-passenger van about to cross the border I realized how wrong I was.  I… Read more »

Core Values – Gospel-Centered Ministry

Through the years, The Lord has led Servant Life to a list of four Core Values that shape all the work we do.  They are: Gospel-centered ministry, long-term strategies, one-on-one relationships, and a focus on youth and children.  Every missionary in our global network is prayerfully and specifically selected by the type of ministry they… Read more »