What does it look like to serve in Cuba?

This past summer, Dennis Johnsey brought his group to serve in Cuba, and we had a little Q&A session to hear all about it. Over the course of one week, their team saw over 125 professions of faith! Read below to hear about their experience.

Servant Life teams in Cuba will be serving with the Eastern Baptist Convention of Cuba. Teams might be involved in camp ministry, VBS, preaching in church services, relational community ministry (soccer, for example), and door-to-door evangelism and home visits. The trip cost is $999 plus airfare, and this amount includes a donation / scholarship to support camp ministry in Cuba. For more information, click here.

Q: For many people, considering a trip to Cuba is scary because of safety concerns. Can you speak into the safety of this trip? How was your team treated by Cubans?

A: “Cuba is a beautiful country with beautiful people, beautiful inside and out. Every church we visited we found people singing Hillsong and worshipping a mighty God. Safety was never an issue with our group. We went downtown at 8 p.m. and ate ice cream with people all around. We walked to city square and there were over 100 people there. We found they were very friendly. Cubans seemed to love Americans and loved having us in their homes.”

Q: What were the ministry opportunities like? How was your team able to share the gospel?

A: “Ministry in Cuba is multi-faceted. We brought materials for children’s church for Sunday and VBS supplies, so we could work with children in churches and youth at a two-day camp. They love to hear Americans preach, so we were able to do that. The biggest ministry that the churches do is door to door evangelism. So our team had the fast track on sharing their faith.”

Q: How did the trip impact your group personally? What did the Lord teach you?

A: “Cuba stands out among places we have ministered on Mission trips. Our team fell in love with the people. Most of the team had never shared their faith with a stranger or gone into strangers homes. Now it is second nature to them. I experienced on this trip how your team grows the most when they are pushed out of their comfort zone.”

Q: What would you say to a group leader who is considering leading a team to serve in Cuba?

A: “If a minister is considering a mission trip I would highly recommend Cuba. The response of the people is so rewarding. The trip is not any more difficult than other Latin America countries, and the food is very good. Whatever we asked of our host they were only too happy to accommodate us.”

To sign up for a trip to Cuba next summer or for more information on our partnership there, click here!

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