Montreal, Canada
Church Planting


Servant Life partners with the International Mission Board and Renaissance Church to give teams the opportunity to serve and learn more about church planting in an international context. Groups will work with James Copeland, the lead pastor of Renaissance Church, as well as other church members and locals involved in Montreal church planting. Montreal is an extremely diverse city; while it is well-known for its French-speaking communities, it is also home to many Arab, Latin American, and Asian populations as well. Servant Life is thrilled for this opportunity to do ministry in the midst of different people groups while working alongside local churches to proclaim the gospel of Christ.

What will my team be doing? Your church will have the opportunity to learn more about church planting and urban ministry by serving in hands-on ways in the local community. Teams could be serving in a variety of different contexts, including volunteering with local community organizations and assisting the church with outreach opportunities.

What does my cost include?
• Housing
• Meals
• Supplemental Traveler's Insurance
• T-Shirt
• Pre-Trip Training Manual
• Pre, During, and Post-trip Devotionals

Airfare is not included in this cost, but Servant Life does offer to book all airfare reservations. With this trip, if you fly, you will also need to rent vehicles for transportation while you're in country.  This is not included in the base cost, but Servant Life offers to book vans for you as well.

On most Servant Life trips, your team will eat meals together at your place of lodging. However, that is not as practical in Montreal, since you'll be staying at a hotel or on a university campus. Instead, since getting food in Toronto is so similar to getting food in the U.S., you will receive money for your meals, and you are free to use that how you want. Breakfast will be provided at your hotel or the campus, and we recommend everyone do sack lunches for lunch so that you can eat at your ministry sites. Dinner is up to you, and we highly recommend letting the local missionaries point you to some great options! Each person will receive around $4-5 for every sack lunch and $9 for every dinner.

Servant Life has missions opportunities in Cuba, El Salvador, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Uganda, Kenya, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Haiti, United Kingdom, East Asia, Dominican Republic, Houston, Dallas, New York City, Memphis, St. Louis, Montreal, and Toronto Canada.

Who Can Go
If registering and traveling with their church group, students must be 14 years old or older to participate in a Servant Life missions experience. If registering as an individual participant without an adult, students must be 16 years old or older. Student groups, college groups, adults, and individuals are all welcome on Servant Life mission trips. Teams may be made up of groups and/or individuals.

Trip Cost
Servant Life trips are priced at a BASE COST PLUS AIRFARE. The base cost varies per country and can be found by clicking on the link for a trip.

Airfare Information
Servant Life will book all airfare through our travel agency. Everyone on your team must travel together. We book group airline tickets and cannot accommodate special requests for different individual flights. Due to commitments to our missionaries to have groups there on set dates, trip dates are not flexible. Once a ticket has been purchased in your name, it must be paid for regardless of circumstances. All tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Servant Life works with missionary partners in each country. Your team will be helping our missionary partner with various needs, and exact details may vary from trip to trip. Specific details for each missions experience can be found by clicking on the trip's link.

We encourage anyone interested in a Servant Life missions experience to go ahead and apply for a passport. The amount of time it takes to get a passport varies, and we cannot book plane tickets without a copy of each person’s passport. Any costs associated with obtaining a passport are solely your responsibility. You can download a passport application and read instructions on obtaining a passport online at

Immunizations and any costs related to them are the sole responsibility of the trip participant. All childhood immunizations must be complete (measles, mumps, rubella, polio, diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus). We also HIGHLY advise any immunizations recommended by your physician and/or the CDC for the area of travel. Both Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B are strongly recommended for all international travel. It is solely the traveler’s responsibility to obtain information on required/recommended travel immunizations and travel precautions for the area. The CDC website is and has up-to-date info on immunizations for every country.

Once You Register
Shortly after you register, you will receive an email from the Servant Life team with forms your group needs to fill out. These forms, along with a deposit of $150 per person, are due by November 1. If you register after November 1, the forms and a deposit of $150 per person are due within 30 days of registering. A registration is not complete until we have received your deposit. Registrations cannot be held beyond 30 days if the deposit has not been received.

Montreal Trips

* Dates and locations are subject to change