The Bahamas covers over 100,000 square miles of ocean, starting just 50 miles off the coast of Florida. It is made up of 700 islands, over 2,000 rocks and cays, and has some of the clearest water on the planet—with a visibility of over 200 feet. The Bahamas are beautiful and so are it's people. Native Bahamians are generally receptive to the gospel, with many of them claiming Christianity as their faith practice and possibly even attending church. However, there is often a deep disconnect from what people claim to believe and what they actually believe about how the gospel is eternally good news. Christian commitment tends to be a low priority; for many Bahamians, Christianity functions more as a cultural and traditional structure than it does a life-changing faith. Materialism runs rampant across the islands and is certainly perpetuated by tourism and wealthy foreign residents who make their vacation home on the islands. Furthermore, the younger population on the island is growing increasingly out of touch with the church culture.


Short-term teams are needed on the islands to work with local churches and help engage the youth culture. We are looking for teams who are rooted and grounded in their faith, salt and light Christ-followers who represent a stark contrast to the materialstic Christianity that runs throughout the Bahamian culture. Teams will certainly have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful beaches of the Bahamas, but their primary focus above all else must be to proclaim the hope of Christ to this island nation. Teams will fly into Freeport on Grand Bahama Island and serve on this specific island for the week.


What will my team be doing? Mission Teams will work alongside missionaries and local churches to primarily do Vacation Bible School ministry and outreach in partnership with local churches. Teams will arrive and begin the week by attending the local church service and preparing for the week ahead of VBS. Teams will be responsible for bringing their own Vacation Bible School materials as well as twin air mattresses for sleep as you will be staying in the local church. Throughout the week of ministry, teams will have the opportunity to share the gospel through recreation times as well as crafts, Bible study, and down time hanging out with the locals in that area during the afternoons. The local children love to spend time with the teams each day after VBS. On the last day, teams will have the opportunity to visit Port Lucaya for shopping, relaxing, and enjoying local cuisine.


What does my cost include?*

  • In-country transportation
  • Housing
  • Meals
  • Supplemental Traveler's Insurance
  • T-Shirt
  • Pre-Trip Training Manual
  • Pre, During, and Post-trip Devotionals

Airfare is not included in this cost, but Servant Life does offer to book all airfare reservations.

Note: The price listed here assumes a team size of 15 or more. Teams of 15 or less may have to pay a higher per person fee for this trip. Servant Life has other parnters that do not have a minimum like this, but The Bahamas is a location where the price is based on that number. Additionally, if your team is small you may be able to serve alongside another small team that week in order to hit the 15 number and keep the price down!

The Bahamas, although small, has 700 islands and over 2,000 rocks and cays.

You will find the Bahamas located just north of Cuba and Hispaniola and just off the coast to the south of Florida.

Some of the clearlest water can be found in the Bahamas with visibility of over 200 feet.

The Bahamas is the site of Columbus' first landfall in the discovery of the New World in 1492.

In the Bahamas, vehicles drive on the left side of the street rather than the right like in the U.S.

The capital city of the Bahamas is Nassau.

Servant Life makes every effort to keep our teams safe during their entire experience with us. You help us by using traveler’s common sense. Staying in groups, not flaunting or bringing expensive jewelry, watches, or electronics, being aware of your surroundings, and not leaving bags unattended are all encouraged practices.

Take along all prescription medicines needed for your trip in their original prescription container.

Do's and Don'ts




DO feel free to give gifts, but please ask the ministry partner before doing so.

DO use the “buddy system.”

DO bring any medicines that you may need. If it’s a prescription, make sure it has the original prescription label with your name on it.

DO sanitize your hands before eating. But do it discreetly, not blatantly just after holding a child or shaking an international’s hand.

DO be friendly toward Internationals. Their culture places a high value on friendships and time spent visiting with friends.

DO pray for your International friends. Only as God works in their lives will they be open to hearing more about Christ.

DO befriend Internationals who are of the same gender as your own. In other cultures, friendships between a man and woman who are not related are rare. Your witness will be more effective with International friends of your own gender.

DO remember that you are representing a ministry that has been around longer than you’ve been in the country and will still minister there after you have left.





DON’T be a loud/obnoxious tourist that needs to be toned down.

DON’T encourage begging by rewarding the effort.

DON’T go out after dark.

DON’T bring anything that you aren’t willing to give up if someone asks for it.

DON’T attempt to tear down the different religions you come in contact with in your conversations with Puerto Ricans. Rather, discuss the basic doctrines of your Christian faith, with an emphasis on salvation through Jesus Christ. Many Internationals enjoy discussing their beliefs and how they differ from other religions.

Population: 3.4 million people

Capital: Nassau


Language: English

Religion: Protestant, Anglican, Roman Catholic

Currency: US Dollar and Bahamian Dollar

Currency in the Bahamas is the Bahamian Dollar and the US Dollar.

You can expect a warm, winterless climate in the Bahamas. The average high during summer months is in the upper 80's with lows at night being in the 70's. Being on an island, the weather is humid and tropical. Summer is the wettest season in the Bahamas.

Bahamas Trips

DatePrice (Per Person)
*Plus Airfare
Jun 13, 2020 - Jun 19, 2020
$599.00Local Church Outreach & Relational Ministry25OpenRegister
Jun 20, 2020 - Jun 26, 2020
$599.00Local Church Outreach & Relational Ministry25OpenRegister
Jun 27, 2020 - Jul 03, 2020
$599.00Local Church Outreach & Relational Ministry25OpenRegister
* Dates and locations are subject to change