Servant Life is a great place to serve the nations through various areas and needed skill sets. In addition to our full-time team we often have Apprentice and Associate positions available as well as internships for college credit continually available in Birmingham, Alabama. Please email info@servantlife.com for more information.

As we work to serve churches, participants, and our field partners, we do have positions that become open from time to time. We encourage you to check back here to see what may be open at any given time.

Currently available:


Unpaid position for high school or college students. Available for Fall semester, Spring semester, summer, or for the year-- with a flexible schedule. We can customize the job description some to play to your strengths, but responsibilities would include handling paperwork, social media, church care and communication, summer trip preparation, being a part of the team and team meetings, and working on any various tasks that come up.

If interested, please send correspondence and any resume or contact form to info@servantlife.com