United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Location Details

  • London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom. It is located on the River Thames and has been a major settlement for two millennia. According to a census taken in early 2011, London has a population of 8,174,000, which makes it the most populous municipality in the European Union. London is made up of two ancient cities: the City of London, which is the business and financial heart of the United Kingdom, and the City of Westminster, where Buckingham Palace, Parliament and most of the government offices are located. London is a leading global city. London’s strengths are art, commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, healthcare, tourism, and transport. These strengths contribute to London’s prominence in the world, and sometimes it is called a world cultural capital.
  • London is the biggest city in Britain and in Europe.
  • London has the highest population density in Britain, with 4,699 people per square kilometer.
  • The Canary Wharf Tower is the tallest building in London.
  • London was the first city in the world to have an underground railway, known as the ‘tube’.
  • There are over 100 theaters in London.
  • London hosted the 1908, 1948, and 2012 Summer Olympic Games.
  • More than 300 languages are spoken within the city of London.
  • London has a reputation for rainy weathers, but it actually has a smaller average of rainfall than New York City. London averages about 22.9 inches per years compared to NYC’s 50 inches.
  • There are more American banks in London than in New York.
  • London’s main airport, Heathrow, is the busiest airport in the world and has more international passengers than any other.
  • Passport/Visa Requirements: All U.S. citizens need a passport valid for six months after the intended date of departure. Reconfirm travel document requirements with your carrier before departure. No visa is needed to travel to London.
  • Population: 8,174,000
  • Time Zone: Greenwich Mean Time Zone
  • Predominant Religions: 48% Christian, 21% non-religious, 12% Muslim, 5% Hindu, 2% Jewish
  • Voltage Requirements: 220 volts at 50Hz
  • Telephone Codes: 44 (Country Dialing Code) and 020 (Area Code)


  • The currency used in London is the British Pound (GBP). As of December 2012, the rate was 1 US Dollar to 0.62 British Pound. London is the most expensive city in Britain. There are ATMs everywhere in London and this is the easiest way to get cash away from home. When traveling to London, beware of hidden credit or debit card fees. Check with your bank before departing to avoid surprise charges.


  • London has a temperate oceanic climate. It has a reputation of being a rainy city, but it averages less rainfall than Rome and New York City each year. Winters are usually chilly and last from November to March. Summers are generally warm and sometimes hot. London’s summer average is 75F. Layers and warm clothing are necessary during the winter, and a light jacket and a small amount of layering is wise for the summer months.


  • The most popular form of travel in London is the London Underground, lovingly called ‘the Tube’. It is the oldest metro system in the world. More than 3 million passengers travel on the Underground every day. The Underground has 11 lines and serves North London much more than South London. Other modes of transportation in the city include Docklands Light Railway, Tramways, buses, and taxis.
  • London is the best served city by airports in the world with almost 150 million passengers using its six airports yearly. These airports include Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, London City, and London Southend Airport. Heathrow handles the most travelers out of the six, which makes it the busiest airport in Europe.
  • There is also water transport available in London. London is settled beside River Thames and there are many different methods of water transportation available. London River Services regulates and promotes a small-scale network of river bus commuter services and a large number of leisure cruises operating on the river. London also has several canals and bulk cargo ships.

Personal Safety

  • Servant Life makes every effort to keep teams safe during our mission trips. We understand that safety can be a concern when you are taking a group into a foreign context, but we have more than 20 years of experience mobilizing groups, and safety has always been a priority for our teams. One of the ways that we keep teams safe is by partnering with local missionaries, organizations, and national believers who know their culture and context incredibly well. We partner with people who have an established presence in the communities where our teams are working, and they only lead our teams into safe ministry environments. 
  • You can help us by making smart decisions as much as it is up to you: staying in groups, not traveling alone, not flaunting or bringing expensive jewelry, watches, or electronics, being aware of your surroundings, and not leaving bags unattended are all encouraged practices. 
  • For international trips, we also purchase a traveler’s insurance policy (as part of your trip cost) to protect you in the event of a medical situation or medical emergency in which your own insurance would not provide coverage.


  • The National Health Service (NHS) provides healthcare in London. It is free at the point of use for the patient, even Emergency Department treatment. The NHS provides the majority of healthcare in England. This includes primary care, in-patient care, long-term healthcare, ophthalmology, and dentistry. London healthcare strives to be convenient and easy to access. The professionals are appropriately qualified and experienced, and all organizations must meet required levels of safety and quality. There are no major health concerns when traveling to London because their health system and culture are very similar to that of America’s.

Intro and History 

Based out of North-East England, our mission partner exists to reach the unbelieving and uncommitted, to grow and deepen them in their faith, and to send them out to impact the world for Jesus Christ. They partner with the Tees Valley branch of Youth For Christ, an organization started by Billy Graham in 1946. Relational evangelism is used to reach children, young people, and students in the UK. They desire to be the bridge between students and churches in the US to the young people of the United Kingdom.

Our mission partner is active in schools, sports, and servant evangelism. They have been partnering with schools for the past ten years and have watched this partnership blossom in great ways. Through the school ministry, religious education lessons are taught and school assemblies are held in hopes of engaging the young people in North-Eastern England. The sports aspect of this ministry utilizes soccer to reach young people and children. Some examples of the programs they work through are holiday sports camps, using the football cage, and running tournaments for specific sports. The last aspect of their ministry is servant evangelism. This is simply serving the community in unique ways. A few example servant projects include bagging groceries, washing windows, and picking up trash.

The main goal for short-term mission trips is for partnering churches to have a long-term vision for a particular school and community to build lasting relationships for the Gospel.

What will my team be doing? One of the most specific ways in which short term teams will serve is through camp ministry. Youth from the area will come to the park or other venue where the camp is held, play games, and then be told the gospel by our mission partner's staff members as well as Servant Life team members. You will play a vital role in sharing Jesus with teenagers in NE England! You'll also be involved in servant evangelism as described above. At the end of your trip, you'll get to do some sightseeing and explore quaint little English towns such as York. 

What does my cost include?
• In-country transportation*
• Housing
• Meals
• Supplemental Traveler's Insurance
• T-Shirt
• Pre-Trip Training Manual
• Pre, During, and Post-trip Devotionals

*Your team may need to purchase train tickets to and from the airport if you fly into an airport further away, but during the week of ministry we will provide transportation for your team.
Airfare is not included in this cost, but Servant Life does offer to book all airfare reservations.


Why Go With Servant Life?

Our team at Servant Life has two primary functions: serving local churches here in the U.S. and Canada, and serving and supporting the work of missionaries around the world.

Servant Life serves the Church by equipping and sending believers to the nations. Our 20+ years of experience in short-term trips makes missions possible for many churches and individuals. Many churches do not have the training, experience, connections, or time to organize and execute trips of this magnitude. This is where Servant Life steps in. Our trips are all-inclusive, which means that we focus on the details so that you can focus on ministry with your team.  Our team  will work with in-country missionaries to take care of food, lodging, and ministry experiences for your short-term mission trip. Servant Life also provides international traveler's insurance, trip devotionals, training videos, and other resources as part of your basic trip cost. Servant Life exists to be a fantastic resource for churches as you make disciples of all nations. 

Servant Life serves missionaries by equipping and sending the Church. According to our mission partners it can take a combination of 50 phone calls and e-mails to prepare a person to serve with them, not to mention countless hours before that trying to find and recruit churches to come serve with them. Equipping trip participants for the mission field requires time and resources that most missionaries do not have, as this pulls them away from ministry in their local context. Servant Life is ready to answer your calls, emails, tweets, Facebook messages, at your convienence and in your time zone. We can prepare you for the majority of the details for your trip to alleviate some of those communication logistics from the missionary, and then as we get closer to the trip the mission team will be able to communicate the specifics of your schedule and talk through your trip in more detail. Servant Life will also provide training materials for your trip to walk through such topics about the "Why" of missions, how to share your faith, culture shock, and other logistical considerations, so that you show up prepared to serve in your context. Servant Life is not only a great resource for the Church, but a great resource for missionaries as well.

Who Can Go?

Servant Life hosts many youth mission trips, college mission trips, and even works with individuals to get them on a trip as part of a team. Trips will only occur if there is a group (youth, college, or adults) signed up to go. For individuals interested, we would do our best to add you on to a group already planning to serve, but this is not always possible.

If registering and traveling with their church group, students must be 14 years old or older* to participate in a Servant Life missions experience. If registering as an individual participant without an adult, students must be 16 years old or older*. Of course, adults are welcome on these trips as well! Servant Life asks for at least a 1 to 5 adult to student ratio, but some groups even end up closer to 1 to 1 ratio, and we always love it when this happens because we know adults want to serve the nations as well. Teams may be made up of groups and/or individuals.

*It is possible for participants to be younger than 14 years of age if traveling with a group, but that is taken on a case by case basis depending on the trip location and the discretion of our mission partners. For domestic trips such as Houston Memphis, and St. Louis, middle school students are welcome to participate. For international trips, we love to accomodate younger students when possible, but please ask us if you would like to do this in a certain trip.

Can College Students Go?

Yes! Servant Life trips are designed for all students from the age of 14 with a group, or 16 as an individual, all the way through college age. We have also specifically designated College Weeks in which only college-aged students will participate. Additionally, Servant Life has launched the  A1eight Project, an opportunity for college-aged individuals to serve with a missionary for the entire summer.

Trip Cost

Servant Life  trips  are priced at a BASE COST PLUS AIRFARE (or plus travel, if domestic). The base cost varies per country and can be found by clicking on the link for a trip on the "Mission Trips" tab at the top of the page. The cost varies from trip to trip simply because our partners have different cost structures in their contexts and different expenses, and our partners set the price of our trips. 

The bast cost covers all of your in-country expenses, including meals, lodging, transportation*, and even expenses like translators and local staff for the week. The base cost also covers training resources, traveler's insurance for international trips, and a t-shirt for every participant. Some of our camp ministries include scholarship funds in the base cost so you are helping students come to camp in these international contexts. As part of your base cost, Servant Life also offers to book airfare for you through our travel agent. Contact us if you would like an airfare estimate, and be sure to check out our  Financial Guidelines  to see a payment plan.

*Transportation is not provided for domestic trips like Memphis, St. Louis, Houston, and Toronto. It is provided in NYC.

 Airfare Information

Servant Life offers to book all airfare through our travel agency, though you may book with your own travel agent if you prefer to do so. We just want you to get the best rate possible! Generally everyone on your team must travel together, though we may be able to take exceptions on a case by case basis. We book group airline tickets and therefore cannot always accommodate special requests for different individual flights. Due to commitments to our missionaries to have groups there on set dates, trip dates may not be flexible, so once again we must take requests on a case by case basis. Generally with our travel agent, we can hold your airfare tickets with a deposit a few months in advance of your trip, but then the full price of the ticket is due around 45 days before your trip. Once a ticket has been purchased in your name, it must be paid for regardless of circumstances. If you cancel an airfare ticket, we will refund you anything that the airline refunds us, but you would have to pay the cancellation penalty that the airline sets. Airline tickets are non-transferrable as they are tied to a person's name, and they are only partially refundable based on whatever policies the airline implements for your specific booking. Airfare can be a headache, but we try to alleviate that burden for you and make it easy!


Servant Life works with missionary partners in each country. Your team will be helping local missionaries with various needs, and exact details may vary from trip to trip. Sample activities include serving at a Christian youth camp, hosting VBS activities in the community or the school, conducting sports camps, "backyard Bible clubs," or other community events, teaching English to internationals, helping with food and clothing distribution, and home visits-- with an emphasis on sharing the gospel and the hope of Christ in conjunction with each of these activities. Specific details for each short term mission trip can be found by clicking on the trip's link and looking under the "What will my team be doing?" section.


We encourage anyone interested in an international mission trip with Servant Life to go ahead and apply for a passport. The amount of time it takes to get a passport varies, and we generally do not recommend booking plane tickets without a copy of each person's passport, since the name on the airfare must match the passport exactly. Any costs associated with obtaining a passport are solely your responsibility. You can download a passport application and read instructions on obtaining a passport online here. It is required for your passport to have at least six months of validity past your travel dates.

Will I need a background check?

For groups serving on a Servant Life trip, the group leader will need to sign an agreement stating that background checks have been performed for all adult leaders 18 years or older. For individuals, Servant Life will perform a background check for you if you are 18+. The estimated cost of a background check is $10, which will be added to your base cost.


Immunizations and any costs related to them are the sole responsibility of the trip participant. All childhood immunizations must be complete (measles, mumps, rubella, polio, diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus). We also HIGHLY advise any immunizations recommended by your physician and/or the CDC for the area of travel. Both Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B are strongly recommended for all international travel. It is solely the traveler's responsibility to obtain information on required/recommended travel immunizations and travel precautions for the area, but please give us a call and we can talk through the recommendations for your specific trip. Ultimately, this will be up to your discretion, as we are not medical experts and default to your local doctor, the CDC, and your own judgment. The CDC website is www.cdc.gov/travel and has up-to-date info on immunizations for every country.

Once You Register

Shortly after you register, you will receive an email from the Servant Life team letting you know we have received your registration. The next step would be accessing the Prep Center where you will find needed paperwork to be filled out by each participant. An initial per person deposit is due by November 1, and paperwork is due by March 1. If you register after November 1, the deposit is due within 30 days of registering. A registration is not complete until we have received your deposit. Registrations cannot be held beyond 30 days if the deposit has not been received.

How many adults will be on each trip? 

We request that groups bring at least 1 adult for every 5 student participants, but it is ok if you have even more than this. This is to ensure to the team's safety. Each setting you are working in is an area designated specifically for youth and college teams, but when traveling in a foreign context that you are unfamiliar with, it is always wise to have sufficient adult supervision.


Parent FAQs

Will my student serve alone or as part of a team?

On each of  our trips, your student will be part of a Servant Life team, which typically consists of a youth group, college group, or other group from a single local church. The majority of our trips feature teams in which 100% of the members come from the same local church. However, if your student is registering alone and not with his or he group, he or she may be able to join a group from another church. In that case, the participant would join the rest of the team at a domestic or international airport, and stay and work with that team for the remainder of the trip. Individuals being able to join teams is taken on a case by case basis.

What kind of supervision will my student have?

Servant Life trips are led by our in-country missionary partners. This partner serves as the host and leader for the team from the time they land in-country at the airport until they depart at the end of the mission experience. Additionally, we request that groups bring 1 adult for every 5 student participants to supervise the trip. We believe that this is the best (and safest) model of leadership. We rely on local leaders from their local contexts, because they know their contexts far better than any outsider would. And we trust the leaders from your group to come alongside those local leaders to help shepherd your team well.

How safe are these trips?

Servant Life makes every effort to keep your students safe during their entire short term mission trip experience with us. We visit every location before sending a group, and work with partners in the country who are familiar with the area we will be staying in and working in. We research and plan the safest places for your student to eat, stay, work and have fun. We do recognize that any "safe place" can become unsafe in a matter of seconds if an outside threat comes in, which we have sadly seen more often in our own country than many of the places we serve. However, we take safety very seriously and our partners on the ground do their due diligence to keep teams in the safest positions possible.

Who will the teams work with?

All teams work with established missionary partners in the Servant Life network. These are either missionaries or ministry leaders who have a history of service in the country and programs that fit with the mission vision of Servant Life. The people leading your team for the week are going to be the people who are staying behind and continuing to serve that context well after your team leaves.

Who do I call in case of emergency while my student is traveling?

If you are unable to reach your child or their group leader in the event of an emergency, you can contact our team at 1-800-772-2615 or send us an e-mail at info@servantlife.com. We will not answer calls to that number on the weekends or after hours, but we will see e-mails coming through at that time. Your group leader will also be provided with a cell number for us and can share that with you so that you have it on hand. We can help get in touch with the team, the missionaries, etc.

Will my student be able to call home and email while on the field?

Access to phone calls and email may be limited, and varies from location to location. As your trip approaches, more information will be given on phone and internet availability for that specific trip. In the event of an emergency, Servant Life will contact parents immediately (since we do collect emergency contact information for every participant). So remember that no news is good news!

We have a frequent flyer program. Can we use those miles to cover my student's ticket?

Possibly, but you will probably have to book flights on your own separately from the rest of your team, since travel agents cannot utilize those forms of payment to purchase tickets. Also, we cannot guarantee which airline each team will use in advance, as we are watching for competitive pricing and schedules. Please contact Servant Life if you are interested in learning more about using frequent flyer miles on a mission trip.

When should my student apply for a passport?

We recommend applying for a passport immediately after registering for a Servant Life mission trip. Even if you were to back out of the tirp for some reason, passports are eligible for 10 years and you will be able to use it in the future. Passports can take up to 8 weeks to arrive, and it will be helpful to have your passport well in advance of the trip so that we can make sure your airfare information is correct. Costs related to obtaining a passport are the responsibility of the participant.

Is a visa required for my student's trip?

The only areas that Servant Life is currently sending teams to needing visas are Cuba, East Asia, Uganda, and Kenya. Specific information will be provided to team leaders and/or students traveling on their own, as Servant Life will help teams secure these visas. In each of these locations, the cost of the visa is included in the trip cost listed online.

Will my student receive any training?

Servant Life will send a preparation "Field manual" filled with detailed information regarding your child's mission trip, as well as training sessions that we provide for your team leader to go through with your group. Training sessions cover topoics such as the "why" of missions, training in evangelism, culture shock, and other logistics. Hands-on training will take place with the ministry partner once the team arrives at their destination.

What about immunizations?

Immunizations and any costs related to them are the sole responsibility of the trip participant. All childhood immunizations must be complete (measles, mumps, rubella, polio, diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus). We also HIGHLY advise any immunizations recommended by your physician and/or the CDC for the area of travel. Both Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B are strongly recommended for all international travel. It is solely the traveler's responsibility to obtain information on required/recommended travel immunizations and travel precautions for the area. The CDC website is www.cdc.gov/travel and has up-to-date info on immunizations for every country.

Why should my student go serve over seas when there are so many needs here in the United States?

The first and primary reason we believe in sending teams on international mission trips is that God has commanded His followers to make disciples of ALL nations (Matt 28:19). Knowing that we are commanded to play an active role in global disciple-making, we have found that missionaries and ministries around the world have needs that short-term mission teams can easily and uniquely fill, thus helping to advance the kingdom of God in those countries. We also hope that participating in an international mission trip will leave such an impression on your child's life that they will become supporters of mission work for the rest of their lives, whether through prayer, financial support, church leadership, or even life service.

What is not covered in my child's trip cost?

The only expenses not covered in your child's trip cost are meals in airports on travel days, any souvenirs that your child may wish to purchase while in country, any expenses related to obtaining a passport and immunizations, and any additional "free day" expenses that your team chooses to add. If there are additional expenses, they will be outlined in the profile of each trip. For example, all of our domestic trips require you to provide your own transportation.

Are there scholarships available for my child?

Servant Life does not offer scholarships. We encourage participants to raise support through fundraising efforts such as church partnership, personal support letters, and fundraisers such as t-shirt sales and other activities.

For information regarding Servant Life's financial guidelines, please  Click here

What's included in the cost?

Servant Life is committed to providing a quality mission experience at the lowest possible price. Our goal is not to entertain, but rather to bring the teachings of Scripture to life.

The cost of the mission experience includes in-country costs, such as:
• In-country transportation
• Housing
• Meals
• Supplemental Traveler's Insurance
• T-Shirt
• Pre-Trip Training Manual
• Visa, if applicable
• Exit tax, if applicable

Costs not covered in base cost of the trip include:
• Airfare
• Passports
• Immunization Shots
• Snacks
• Souvenirs
• Personal expenses while traveling and in-country, including meals in airports
• Any additional costs associated with the trip before you arrive and after you leave

Financial Guidelines

Deposit: Deposits of $250 per person and a copy of the front page of your passport are due November 1. If you register after November 1, a deposit of $250 per person and a copy of the front page of your passport are due within 30 days of registration.

*Deposits are non-refundable.

Payment 1 (January 1 for Spring Break or March 1 for Summer): The first payment is half of the remaining cost after the deposit payment. So for trip costs at $1099 per person, Payment 1 would be ($1099-$250 deposit) / 2 = $424.50. 

Payment 2/ Final Balance: The final balance (remainder of trip cost) is due in the Servant Life office no later than 35 days before departure. If your final balance is not received by 35 days out, a $100 late fee may be applied.

Airfare: Servant Life will secure all airline transportation through our travel agent to insure teams arrive together. Once your group is in place, let us know as soon as possible so we can secure your tickets at the lowest possible rate.

You are responsible for the payment of any purchased tickets. Once a ticket is purchased, payment for that ticket must be in our office within 5 business days.

All tickets must be secured and paid in full 60 days before departure. Payments for airfare must be made via check. We cannot accept credit card payments for airfare purchases.

PLEASE NOTE: All checks and money orders must be made out to SERVANT LIFE. Please mail all payments and donations to PO Box 36307, Birmingham, AL 35236.

United Kingdom Trips
DatePrice (Per Person)
*Plus Airfare
Jun 05, 2020 - Jun 13, 2020
$1,099.00Relational Student Ministry with Local Churches20
Jun 12, 2020 - Jun 20, 2020
$1,099.00Relational Student Ministry with Local Churches20
Jun 19, 2020 - Jun 27, 2020
$1,099.00Relational Student Ministry with Local Churches20
Jun 26, 2020 - Jul 04, 2020
$1,099.00Relational Student Ministry with Local Churches20
Jul 03, 2020 - Jul 11, 2020
$1,099.00Relational Student Ministry with Local Churches20
Jul 10, 2020 - Jul 18, 2020
$1,099.00Relational Student Ministry with Local Churches20
Jul 17, 2020 - Jul 25, 2020
$1,099.00Relational Student Ministry with Local Churches20
Jul 24, 2020 - Aug 01, 2020
$1,099.00Relational Student Ministry with Local Churches20

* Dates and locations are subject to change