The times are changing in Cuba as travel restrictions are being lifted and the country is becoming more open to outsiders. Cuba is in a critical transitional state, as these first few years of new exposure could help dictate the culture of the country for years to come. Because of these new changes, Servant Life was thrilled to begin a partnership with the Eastern Baptist Convention of Cuba in 2016, with the hope of reaching youth all across the country with the hope of Jesus Christ. The trips we do in Cuba are perfectly safe, as we have mobilized hundreds of people to serve on the island over the past few years. These trips are also perfectly legal both in the eyes of the U.S. government and the Cuban government because we are partnering with accredited religious organizations on the island. Even if the U.S. were to tighten restrictions on the relations with Cuba, religious purposes would likely remain a valid reason for visiting the island.

This network of churches we partner with is on the Eastern side of the island, so this is not a trip to Havana like most people think of when they picture Cuba. Instead, we are working in cities like Bayamo, Manzanilla, Camaguey, Holguin, and Santiago de Cuba. Our partners on the island have a team dedicated to focusing on youth ministry, and Servant Life teams are partnering with both local churches as well as the youth ministry team of the EBC. A big part of the vision of youth ministry across the island is youth camps, and currently they are trying to host around 40 youth camps a year. Some of our short term teams are helping host these 2 day camps by preaching, leading small groups, games, crafts, etc.

Even if your team will not be helping with a camp, your team can expect to be part of highly relational ministry. We partner with local churches to share the gospel with students through VBS style activities with BIble lessons and other fun activities. We also help these local churches strengthen relationships in the community, whether that is visiting the homes (and neighbors) of current members, or meeting new members of the community who may have visited the church or are unchurched. One of the ways we do this is through home visits, which at the very simplest are times of praying for families, but are often much more than that and can lead to full on gospel presentations and conversations. We praise God that we have found many people in Cuba receptive to the gospel and eager to hear the good news of Christ.

At the end of the week, our teams normally experience a "cultural day" which includes traveling to the coast, going to the beach, and enjoying some of the richness of Cuban culture.

Note: The base cost for this trip is $999, which includes a $135 Religious Visa. Servant Life will help you secure visas once you register.

Also note that the plan for most teams is to leave the U.S. on Saturday and to arrive in Cuba that evening. On the way home, many teams will leave Cuba on Friday and may have to stay the night in Miami, since flights from the Eastern side of the island may depart around 8 p.m. The general plan is for your team to be on the ground in Cuba from Saturday to Friday, and then getting back home either Friday or Saturday.

What will my team be doing? Partnering with local churches to host VBS, conducting home visits to engage in evangelism and prayer, other relational ministry such as pickup soccer games, possibly hosting a two day Christian youth camp, and visiting the beach at the end of the week.

What does my cost include?
• Religious visa
• In-country transportation
• Housing
• Meals
• Supplemental Traveler's Insurance
• Donation to support the ministry of the Eastern Baptist Convention of Cuba
• Spanish Bibles for you to take and donate
• T-Shirt
• Pre-Trip Training Manual
• Pre, During, and Post-trip Devotionals

Airfare is not included in this cost, but Servant Life does offer to book all airfare reservations. Please contact us if you have questions about airfare pricing!

Photos c/o the students from Crossroads Moss Bluff serving in Cuba! 

Population: Over 11 million

Cuba is mountainous in some areas and flat or rolling in other areas. There are also many small islands and islets that are part of Cuba.

Cuba has one of the world's highest literacy rates. 

There's only 90 miles of ocean between Cuba and the tip of Florida.

Several dances included the Mambo and the Cha Cha were invented in Cuba.

In Cuba, it is a tradition to eat 12 grapes when the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve. 

Havana, the capital city of Cuba is a port city with more than 2 million residents. It is filled with classic Spanish architecture and boasts millions of tourists every year. 

Servant Life makes every effort to keep our teams safe during their entire experience with us. You help us by using traveler’s common sense. Staying in groups, not flaunting or bringing expensive jewelry, watches, or electronics, being aware of your surroundings, and not leaving bags unattended are all encouraged practices.

Take along all prescription medicines needed for your trip in their original prescription container. 

Do's and Don'ts


DO feel free to give gifts, but please ask the ministry partner before doing so.

DO use the “buddy system.”

DO bring any medicines that you may need. If it’s a prescription, make sure it has the original prescription label with your name on it.

DO sanitize your hands before eating. But do it discreetly, not blatantly just after holding a child or shaking an international’s hand.

DO be friendly toward Internationals. Their culture places a high value on friendships and time spent visiting with friends.

DO pray for your International friends. Only as God works in their lives will they be open to hearing more about Christ.

DO befriend Internationals who are of the same gender as your own. In other cultures, friendships between a man and woman who are not related are rare. Your witness will be more effective with International friends of your own gender.

DO remember that you are representing a ministry that has been around longer than you’ve been in the country and will still minister there after you have left.


DON’T be a loud/obnoxious tourist that needs to be toned down.

DON’T encourage begging by rewarding the effort.

DON’T go out after dark.

DON’T bring anything that you aren’t willing to give up if someone asks for it.

DON’T attempt to tear down the different religions you come in contact with in your conversations with Internationals. Rather, discuss the basic doctrines of your Christian faith, with an emphasis on salvation through Jesus Christ. Many Internationals enjoy discussing their beliefs and how they differ from other religions.

Population: 12,701,000

Capital: Havana

Area: 42,426 square miles

Language: Spanish, English

Religion: Roman Catholic, Protestant, Santeria 

Currency: Cuban peso, Cuban convertible peso

The Cuban peso is the standard form of money. Also accepted as currency in Cuba is the convertible peso. The conversion rate is 1 USD to 23.15 Cuban pesos. 

Located in the Caribbean, Cuba has a very tropical climate. The average temperature in July is 80° F. The rainy season in Cuba lasts from May-October. 

Servant Life takes care of all of your in-country transportation needs. 

Servant Life has missions opportunities in Cuba, El Salvador, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Uganda, Kenya, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Haiti, United Kingdom, East Asia, Dominican Republic, Houston, Dallas, New York City, Memphis, St. Louis, Montreal, and Toronto Canada.

Who Can Go
If registering and traveling with their church group, students must be 14 years old or older to participate in a Servant Life missions experience. If registering as an individual participant without an adult, students must be 16 years old or older. Student groups, college groups, adults, and individuals are all welcome on Servant Life mission trips. Teams may be made up of groups and/or individuals.

Trip Cost
Servant Life trips are priced at a BASE COST PLUS AIRFARE. The base cost varies per country and can be found by clicking on the link for a trip.

Airfare Information
Servant Life will book all airfare through our travel agency. Everyone on your team must travel together. We book group airline tickets and cannot accommodate special requests for different individual flights. Due to commitments to our missionaries to have groups there on set dates, trip dates are not flexible. Once a ticket has been purchased in your name, it must be paid for regardless of circumstances. All tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Servant Life works with missionary partners in each country. Your team will be helping our missionary partner with various needs, and exact details may vary from trip to trip. Specific details for each missions experience can be found by clicking on the trip's link.

We encourage anyone interested in a Servant Life missions experience to go ahead and apply for a passport. The amount of time it takes to get a passport varies, and we cannot book plane tickets without a copy of each person’s passport. Any costs associated with obtaining a passport are solely your responsibility. You can download a passport application and read instructions on obtaining a passport online at

Immunizations and any costs related to them are the sole responsibility of the trip participant. All childhood immunizations must be complete (measles, mumps, rubella, polio, diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus). We also HIGHLY advise any immunizations recommended by your physician and/or the CDC for the area of travel. Both Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B are strongly recommended for all international travel. It is solely the traveler’s responsibility to obtain information on required/recommended travel immunizations and travel precautions for the area. The CDC website is and has up-to-date info on immunizations for every country.

Once You Register
Shortly after you register, you will receive an email from the Servant Life team with forms your group needs to fill out. These forms, along with a deposit of $250 per person, are due by November 1. If you register after November 1, the forms and a deposit of $250 per person are due within 30 days of registering. A registration is not complete until we have received your deposit. Registrations cannot be held beyond 30 days if the deposit has not been received.

Parent FAQs

Will my child serve alone or as part of a team?

Your child will be part of a Servant Life team, which can be made up of groups and/or individual participants. If your child is registering alone, he or she will join the team at a domestic or international airport, and stay and work with them for the remainder of the trip.

What kind of supervision will my child have?

Servant Life teams are led by our in-country ministry partners. This partner serves as the host and leader for the team from the time they land in-country at the airport until they depart at the end of the mission experience.

How safe are these trips?

Servant Life makes every effort to keep your child safe during their entire experience with us. We visit every location before sending a group, and work with partners in the country who are familiar with the area we will be staying in and working in. We research and plan the safest places for your student to eat, stay, work and play.

Who will the teams work with?

All teams work with established Servant Life ministry partners. These are either missionaries or ministry leaders who have a history of service in the country and programs that fit with the mission of Servant Life. To read more about our ministry partners, click here.

Who do I call in case of emergency while my child is traveling?

All Servant Life participants will be given a list with emergency contact information and numbers. This list includes the contact information for Servant Life, as well as our ministry partner serving on the field with your child. If an emergency arises where you need to reach your child, please contact Servant Life first, and we will work closely with you to reach your child.

Will my child be able to call home and email while on the field?

Access to phone calls and email may be limited, and varies from location to location. As your child's trip approaches, more information will be given on phone and internet availability for that specific trip. In the event of an emergency, Servant Life will contact parents immediately. So remember that no news is good news!

We have a frequent flyer program. Can we use those miles to cover my child's ticket?

Possibly. We cannot guarantee which airline each team will use, as we are watching for competitive pricing and schedules. Please contact Servant Life if you are interested in learning more about using frequent flyer miles on a mission trip.

When should my child apply for a passport?

Your child should apply for a passport immediately after registering for a Servant Life mission trip. Passports can take up to 8 weeks to arrive. Costs related to obtaining a passport are the responsibility of the participant.

Is a visa required for my child's trip?

Yes. There is a $200 Religious Visa for Cuba, which is covered in the base cost of your trip. Specifics will be provided to team leaders and/or students traveling on their own.

Will my child receive any training?

Servant Life will send a preparation manual filled with detailed information regarding your child's mission trip. Hands-on training will take place with the ministry partner once the team arrives at their destination.

Why should my child go serve over seas when there are so many needs here in the United States?

The first and primary reason we believe in sending teams on international mission trips is that God has commanded His followers to make disciples of ALL nations (Matt 28:19). Knowing that we are commanded to play an active role in global disciple-making, we have found that missionaries and ministries around the world have needs that short-term mission teams can easily and uniquely fill, thus helping to advance the kingdom of God in those countries. We also hope that participating in an international mission trip will leave such an impression on your child's life that they will become supporters of mission work for the rest of their lives, whether through prayer, financial support, church leadership, or even life service.

What is not covered in my child's trip cost?

The only expenses not covered in your child's trip cost are meals in airports on travel days, any souvenirs or snacks that your child may wish to purchase while in country, and any expenses related to obtaining a passport and immunizations.

Are there scholarships available for my child?

Servant Life does not offer scholarships. If needed, we encourage participants to raise support through fundraising efforts such as church partnership and personal support letters.

Servant Life is committed to providing a quality mission experience at the lowest possible price. Our goal is not to entertain, but rather to bring the teachings of Scripture to life.

The cost of the mission experience includes in-country costs, such as:
• In-country transportation
• Housing
• Meals
• Supplemental Traveler's Insurance
• Sponsoring local students to attend camp
• T-Shirt
• Pre-Trip Training Manual
• Visa, if applicable
• Exit tax, if applicable

Costs not covered in base cost of the trip include:
• Airfare
• Passports
• Immunization Shots
• Snacks
• Souvenirs
• Personal expenses while traveling and in-country, including meals in airports
• Any additional costs associated with the trip before you arrive and after you leave

Financial Guidelines

Deposits of $250 per person and a copy of the front page of your passport are due November 1. If you register after November 1, a deposit of $250 per person and a copy of the front page of your passport are due within 30 days of registration.

Deposits are non-refundable.

Servant Life will secure all airline transportation through our travel agent to insure teams arrive together. Once your group is in place, let us know as soon as possible so we can secure your tickets at the lowest possible rate.

You are responsible for the payment of any purchased tickets. Once a ticket is purchased, payment for that ticket must be in our office within 5 business days.

All tickets must be secured and paid in full 60 days before departure. Payments for airfare must be made via check. We cannot accept credit card payments for airfare purchases.

Summer Missions Payments:
The first payment, which is half of the base cost, is due March 1.

The second payment, which is the balance of the trip cost, is due in the Servant Life office no later than 35 days before departure. If your final balance is not received by 35 days out, a $100 late fee may be applied.

PLEASE NOTE: All checks and money orders must be made out to SERVANT LIFE. Please mail all payments and donations to PO Box 36307, Birmingham, AL 35236.

Cuba Trips
DatePrice (Per Person)
*Plus Airfare
Mar 07, 2020 - Mar 13, 2020
$999.00Camp / Relational Ministry with Local Churches35
Mar 14, 2020 - Mar 20, 2020
$999.00Camp / Relational Ministry with Local Churches35
Mar 21, 2020 - Mar 27, 2020
$999.00Camp / Relational Ministry with Local Churches35
Mar 28, 2020 - Apr 03, 2020
$999.00Camp / Relational Ministry with Local Churches35
May 30, 2020 - Jun 05, 2020
$999.00Camp / Relational Ministry with Local Churches35
Jun 06, 2020 - Jun 12, 2020
$999.00Camp / Relational Ministry with Local Churches35
Jun 13, 2020 - Jun 19, 2020
$999.00Camp / Relational Ministry with Local Churches35
Jun 20, 2020 - Jun 26, 2020
$999.00Camp / Relational Ministry with Local Churches35
Jun 27, 2020 - Jul 03, 2020
$999.00Camp / Relational Ministry with Local Churches35
Jul 04, 2020 - Jul 10, 2020
$999.00Camp / Relational Ministry with Local Churches35
Jul 11, 2020 - Jul 17, 2020
$999.00Camp / Relational Ministry with Local Churches35
Jul 18, 2020 - Jul 24, 2020
$999.00Camp / Relational Ministry with Local Churches35
Jul 25, 2020 - Jul 31, 2020
$999.00Camp / Relational Ministry with Local Churches35

* Dates and locations are subject to change