"What a humbling experience. I'm jealous of how they live in the moment. They don't worry about tomorrow. Their faith in God and knowing He will provide is inspiring. My attempt to try and put it into words would be futile. I love you mi Dominican familia." -Christy, served in Dominican Republic

"God tested me and our team in so many different ways this week, but in the end He is always faithful. I grew more in my faith this week and I'm so blessed." - Arianna - served in Nicaragua

"We had an absolutely fantastic trip... Thanks for all that you guys did for our group. It was a very easy trip and that gave margin for us to really lean into the ministry aspects and come in with a good plan." Josh - Youth Minister, Alabama - served in Guatemala

"I may be the only representation of Jesus these people will see." Abby - 18, Kentucky - served in Haiti

“It was incredible getting to serve alongside the missionaries, camp staff, and local pastors who faithfully serve in Ecuador year round. Their stories of God's grace and work around them glorify God and challenge us to live lives of worth here at home.”
Chad - Associate Pastor, Georgia - Served in Ecuador

“Servant Life made it very easy. It was nice to have my trip all planned out, especially since it was my first time out of the country. Servant Life was such a blessing.”
Erin - 17, Texas - Served in Kenya

“Best part- Many students were able to share the gospel, to disciple other students and adults, and to worship in unity with the Kunama people.” Devin - Youth Minister, Missouri - Served inHouston

“Some of the highlights of the trip were interacting with the orphans and Ukrainian staff, watching teams get excited about silly games, and hearing how some of the kids accepted Christ as their savior.”
Craig - Adult, Michigan - Served in Ukraine

“The highlight of the trip for me was how the youth I brought were so eager and ready to jump in and serve.... from kitchen duty to trying to tackle the language barrier and build relationships. One of the youth I brought actually spoke Spanish and he was able to share the gospel with another young man and it was amazing.”
Heather - Youth Minister, Tennessee - Served in Costa Rica

“This experience will stick with me for the rest of my life. It was nice to be reminded that in this crazy, sinful world, God is at work in the subtlest ways and also on a large scale. Despite language difficulties, God's grace and majesty broke through and were revealed in every encounter and experience.”
Emily - 18, Kansas - Served in Costa Rica

“One of the highlights of the trip was simply meeting and sharing Jesus with others.”
Allison - 17, Missouri - Served in New York

“Our students loved the ESL classes and the VBS at both of the centers. If you want to take a group on a great international experience, go to NYC.”
Jamie – Youth Minister, Mississippi - Served in New York

“Your Servant Life experience doesn’t just stay with you for the summer, but it will change your whole life; your perspective, your understanding, the way you view people. Servant Life trips aren’t just trips- they are divine appointments.”
Faith - 16, Texas - Served in South Africa

"I'm for sure going back next year!! I absolutely had the greatest week of my life in Guatemala!" Courtney - 17, Mississippi - served in Guatemala

“All of our ministry opportunities were great. We completely fell in love with the people of Bulgaria - especially the Roma… Thanks for the great opportunity. We pray we are able to continue to serve in Bulgaria.” Brian Pippen - Youth Minister, Mississippi - served in Bulgaria

“My team was incredibly encouraging and [I was] moved so much through His various teams which combined Americans, Ukrainian translators, and the Radooga Team. We prayed together, ate together, ended the day saying goodnight to one another, even doing a secret Santa type gifting each day. God had his hand on us and used each of us to minister to each other. I praise Him for the way he uses His people.”
Chelsey - 24, Texas - Served in Ukraine

“I loved getting to work with South Asians and how I felt like I was in another country but really the whole time I was still in the states. It’s crazy how you can reach the nations in one city here in the U.S. I loved getting to learn about different reliions and getting to work with those people. It really gave me a larger burden for the lost.” Erin - A1eight Project Participant, Alabama -served in New York City

“My favorite thing I experienced in the local church this summer was that Jesus and the Gospel are for every color, language, and ethnicity. I enjoyed being the only white person in the church we went to. Their church also helped me to experience that Church isn’t about the building, numbers, lights, programs, etc., but it’s all about Jesus.”Anonymous - A1eight Project Participant -served in Toronto